Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Supporting and Protecting Our Seniors from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Nothing is more important than keeping our most vulnerable population safe during this unprecedented time. Connecticut Nursing Services has actively monitored the developments and guidance around the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Most importantly, we’re enhancing protocols and policies to help mitigate infection exposure in light of coronavirus in order to support the safety and well-being of our clients and caregivers during this unprecedented time. 

We continue to service both new and existing clients and we have added additional safety precautions to prioritize safety, including screenings prior to every shift, infection control trainings for every caregiver, and making personal protective equipment (PPE) available to every caregiver. The CDC recommends seniors stay in their homes and Connecticut Nursing Services caregivers are prepared to provide the nursing and in-home caregiving services that make this possible.

Advanced Infection Control and Patient Safety Protocols

At Connecticut Nursing Services we re trained our caregivers on infection control and hand washing techniques. We  selected a training specific to  covid -19 and we developed a protocol following CDC guidelines.


At Connecticut Nursing Services, the safety of our clients and caregivers is our priority, we’ve committed to have PPE available for every caregiver, every shift.  All PPE is made available to Connecticut Nursing Services employees.

Daily Employee Screenings 

Connecticut Nursing Services conducts CDC recommended screenings for health care workers on all caregivers every 24 hours that they are visiting a client. Caregivers who do not pass this screening are immediately removed from all client shifts as a safety precaution and directed to follow the recommendations of their doctor on quarantine measures. An employee may only return to work if they are determined to no longer pose a risk to any client or other employee.

Dedicated Caregiver Just for You

For clients who wish to severely limit their exposure outside of their home, we can ensure your caregiver provides care only to your family upon request. Alternatively, we can provide a live-in caregiver. Live-in caregivers generally are not expected to provide care during the night, but are available to respond in an emergency, and as such, live-in care is not appropriate for clients needing nighttime assistance. Additionally, our flexible scheduling supports your ability to have as few caregivers as necessary to meet your needs at home.

Transitions Home

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, we have been helping clients safely transition home from the hospital and from senior living, even if just temporarily. We can provide caregiving and nursing support to you in your home until you’re ready to transition back or even indefinitely. We’ll disinfect your belongings and ensure your environment is safe.

Concierge Visit and Grocery Runs

We’re providing customizable concierge visits to provide whatever you may need, from grocery runs to medication pickups and everything in between. Enjoy the convenience of a concierge visit from a professional caregiver trained in infection-control. Just call us to customize your concierge visit and tell us what you need. No smartphone, tablet or application needed. We’ll pair you with a professional caregiver who will confirm your concierge needs. A Family Tree caregiver will then fulfill the requirements of your concierge visit while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Click here to learn more.

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