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Hospital to Your Home


Research has shown that a 18% of Medicare patients discharged from the hospital are readmitted within 30 day and an alarming 76 percent of these are preventable, according to the Center for Technology and Aging.This high readmission rate is often due to the patient not following the doctor's recommendations, medication adherence or not having a proper environment for recovery.


Connecticut Nursing Services can provide an optimal home environment to encourage a quick recovery based on the specific needs of the patient. Our Transition Care Program consists of a step-by-step approach geared towards promoting a full and safe recovery achieving a safe and less traumatic return home after discharge from the hospital, rehabilitation facility or other inpatient facilities.


Here is an introduction to our Hospital to Your Home program that is available at no extra cost to any client being discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility:


Transition Care Program


At the Hospital:
• Free same day consultation before discharge
• Customized Care Plan specific to patient needs
• Dx Specific Care
• Caregiver interviews at hospital 
• Free Caregiver training for therapy services
• Hospital Discharge Checklist
• Transportation upon discharge which includes errands,      medication pick-up and shopping


At Your Home:
• Transportation service with your caregiver
• Medication management and reminders
• Free Emergency Response System (ERS) for one month
• Free Home Safety Evaluation and Risk Assessment
• Complimentary RN Evaluation every 15 and 30 days by    request, with patient updates to the hospital


For more information on our Hospital to Your Home program, please contact our office or fill out our survey and we will contact you immediately.


If you are a hospital administrator and would like more information on adding our program to reduce your hospital readmissions, please contact Lilly Fonseca at

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